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What the site is about
 In two words, Classical Hebrew, which includes the language and whatever is written in that language, viz. the Bible (Tanakh), concentrating mainly but not entirely on the Torah (Humash or Pentateuch). There are also a few other matters loosely connected (such as a Haggadah with commentary).
 The site is essentially a catalogue. To get anything of interest you must click on one of the PDF’s.
 It is essentially Jewish, and is not intended to conflict with traditional teachings of Judaism, legal interpretations and acceptance of the Biblical text in any way. There is NO so-called “Bible criticism”, there are no corrections to the text; but there are corrections and amendments to the way it is taught, especially the grammar and the translation of many words, and to many interpretations (other than legal ones).
 Many explanations are not original, but present in a convenient form matters that I have been taught correctly. Regarding matters that we are taught incorrectly, new interpretations, whether original or not, are my own responsibility, intended to stand or fall on their own merits and not on any authority. In short, if you agree and can accept them, accept them, and if you cannot, then do not accept them.
 IMPORTANT: Elibooks are produced in the town of Eli, Israel, and have no connection whatsoever with Eli Books (two words) in America that teach a different religion.

 Elibooks are not aimed at the scholar or the intellectual. They are intended for the ordinary intelligent man or woman who is at least somewhat familiar with the Torah in the original Hebrew. (The ‘Analysis’ and ‘Shemittah’ pages are, exceptionally, technical.) Unsupported legends (midrash) and deep philosophy are avoided as far as possible.

 The books and articles are all in PDF files, which can be opened by clicking the file name and then either read on screen or, preferably, downloaded (usually by pressing a down arrow) free, or printed, as per instructions. For the sake of those who, like myself, use DOS or DOS-based programmes, all file names are limited to eight characters (plus extension) on the site, but if you download, you can then rename the files to your choice. All books and articles are strictly copyright but may be downloaded and printed for personal use only.

 Except where Hebrew is used, the language is English, but since the American language is very similar to English, American readers should face no great difficulty.

English and Hebrew Sites
 Nearly everything has been written initially in English, some have been translated and adapted into Hebrew for the Hebrew site, see link above, but none the reverse except for texts; so for those who can manage easily with both languages, the English version is recommended.

Page numbering
 In some cases the pages (within books) were initially numbered for hard-back binding with an extra page for the binder. This may not appear in the PDF, so the book starts with the Title Page as page 3, but may be included in the ‘number of pages’. Do not worry, it is not a mistake nor is anything missing.

Printing a PDF from this site
 To print a book or booklet, click on the PDF file name, then adjust settings and print as indicated. Three sizes of page are used – A4, A5 and a library size (a loose term, in this case with pages approximately 7″x 9·25″, or 18 cm. x 23·5 cm.).
 For printing, the universally accepted standard A4 should present no problems. `Duplex’ printing, that is to say printing on both sides, is recommended but not essential.
 A5 may not be so easy. If your printer can print A5 duplex, all well and good. But if it can only take A4 paper, use the settings for English Booklet (left to right) or Hebrew Booklet (right to left) as appropriate, and print on A4 paper. For a small booklet, then fold over and staple in the middle. For one with too many pages for this, cut the paper in half after printing, rearrange the pages carefully, and staple normally.
 For booklet printing the original does not have to have a multiple of four pages — if it does not, the printer itself will automatically add at the end one, two or three blank pages as required.
 The library size books are printed in the computer on A4 with wide margins, and need to be printed on A4 paper (and no other). You can either cut the paper down after printing (to ease storage on the shelf after binding), or leave them and have the book on A4 paper with wide margins on the top and one side (which is not terrible). Again, duplex is recommended but not essential.

The Basic Bookpbdpic
 Now available for FREE DOWNLOAD. For details click  PBD.
For immediate download click PBD-E.PDF

 No e-mails. By letter to Alan Smith, P.O.Box 1 Lilac, Eli 4482800, Israel, or by telephone – NOT SHABBAT – (02)-994-3836, from abroad (972-2-994-3836), leave a CLEAR message if necessary, for phoning back. I pay a flat rate and can make overseas calls free. I am always pleased to hear and discuss comments and queries.

Recommended sites to visit
 ‘mechon mamre’, pronounced MEKHON MUMRAY in the ‘full’ or ‘easy-to read’ spelling (a concept explained in that site)
Eli Handel’s `Torah Dikduk’
Ronnie Haffner’s

 My thanks to Edward Mendelson of Columbia University, New York, U.S.A., who has helped me through the years, both through his site (search “WordPerfect for DOS updated”) and directly, to solve many problems in Word Perfect for DOS, in which all the basic files (from which the PDF’s are created), in English and Hebrew, are composed. Most of them could not have been done in Windows.
 My thanks to Shelomo Ben-Avraham of Mechon Mamre for permission to freely use his accurate DOS and Internet texts of the Tanakh.
 My appreciation of the great help of Ronnie Haffner in preparing the site, and to Eli Handel who made the whole thing possible in the first place.
 Above all to the Almighty for preserving, inspiring and helping me.

Alan Smith
alias Biblicon


5777-5778      Various booklets added — see site map.
1 Sivan 5778 (15.5.18)      “Get It Right” for Torah revised and updated.
10 Elul 5778 (21.8.18)      “Get It Right” for Neviim Rishonim revised and updated.
12 Elul 5778 (22.8.18)      “Quirks” (Grammar) updated (additions) and new format.
22 Shevat 5779 (28.1.19)     Reference chart of the Original Hebrew Alphabet added
29 Adar-1 5779 (6.3.19) “The Tabernacle” – A new book added.
27 Tammuz 5779 (30.7.19)    “Even Moses!” – A new book added.
6 Elul 5779 (6.9.19)       “The Biblical Sabbath Explained” – A new book published, availability details.
20 Iyyar 5780 (14.5.20)     “Get It Right” for Neviim Aharonim (Jeremiah) revised and updated.
23 Iyyar 5780 (17.5.20)     “Get It Right” for Ketuvim (remainder) revised and updated.
2 Sivan 5780 (25.5.20)      “Get It Right” for Ketuvim (Psalms, Proverbs, Job) added.
2 Sivan 5780 (25.5.20)      Added Bible Stories ST141/142. Full set now complete
13 Tammuz 5780 (5.7.20)   “Balak King of Moab” — A new book added.
5 Av 5780 (26.7.20)   “Jephthah” — A new book added.

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