Based on the correct understanding of the text

These stories as written are intended primarily for older children, but also for parents to read and rephrase to tell to younger children who like to hear stories told. Their purpose is to tell the story without the inclusion of midrashic material, but together with background material that helps to understand it, that is mostly derived from the text itself from words that are normally ignored, overlooked or misunderstood. Footnotes, kept to a minimum, are to help the parents or the advanced reader who may be tempted to ask ‘Where did he get this from?’, especially when the story is not in agreement with the usual interpretation. In this way, the attention of the reader is drawn to such points, which often show up the story or part of it in a different light to the way we are generally taught.

When a parent is reading a story to one of his children he should use his discretion to omit or change the wording of any piece so as to make it more suitable according to the child’s age — or with great care he may add or elaborate — but be careful not to add something learnt elsewhere that is either midrashic or different to the story as told here.

Click on the file name (not the story name) and then either read on screen or click on the down arrow to download a story, then print on A4 paper with printer setting ‘booklet (left to right)’, or (less suitable) print sheets on A5 paper, duplex. Then punch appropriate holes on the left and save all the stories in a ring binder.

ST001.FDF The Creation
ST002.FDF The Garden of Eden
ST003.FDF Cain and Abel
ST004.FDF Noah’s Flood
ST005.PDF After the Flood
ST006.FDF The Tower of Babel
ST007.FDF Terah and Abram
ST008.FDF Abram Arrives

ST009.FDF To Egypt and Back
ST010.PDF The Battle of the Dead Sea
ST011.FDF The Rescue of Lot
ST012.FDF Hagar and Ishmael
ST013.FDF Contract and Covenant
ST014.FDF Three Visitors
ST015.FDF Lot and Sodom
ST016.FDF Ammon and Moab
ST017.FDF Abraham and Abimelech
ST018.FDF A Party for Isaac
ST019.FDF The Binding of Isaac
ST020.FDF Land at Hebron
ST021.FDF Finding a Wife for Isaac
ST022.FDF Birthright Portion
ST023.FDF Isaac and Philistines
ST024.FDF The Blessings
ST025.FDF Beersheba to Harran
ST026.FDF The First Swindle
ST027.FDF Agreement & Disagreement
ST028.FDF Jacob meets Esau
ST029.FDF Shechem
ST030.FDF Bethel to Hebron
ST031.FDF Joseph in Canaan
ST032.FDF Judah and Tamar
ST033.FDF The Potiphars
ST034.FDF Joseph in Gaol
ST035.FDF From the Pit to the Peak
ST036.FDF The Famine (Part 1)
ST037.FDF The Famine (Part 2)
ST038.FDF Down to Egypt

ST039.FDF Slavery
ST040.FDF Enter Moses
ST041.FDF Moses in Midian
ST042.FDF The Burning Bush
ST043.FDF Moses and Pharaoh
ST044.FDF Nine Plagues
ST045.FDF The Tenth Plague & Exodus
ST046.FDF The Red Sea
ST047.FDF Egypt to Sinai
ST048.FDF Mount Sinai
ST049.FDF A Golden Calf
ST050.FDF The Tabernacle
ST051.FDF Jethro’s Visit
ST052.FDF The Eighth Day
ST053.FDF Sinai to Kadesh Barnea
ST054.FDF Kadesh Barnea
ST055.FDF Korah’s Rebellion
ST056.FDF The Aftermath of Korah
ST057.FDF Kadesh (Zin)
ST058.FDF Kadesh (Zin) to the Jordan
ST059.FDF Balaam, Peor and Midian
ST060.FDF The Last Days of Moses
ST061.FDF The Two Spies
ST062.FDF Crossing the Jordan
ST063.FDF Jericho
ST064.FDF The Ai
ST065.FDF Joshua and The Gibeonites
ST066.FDF The Sun Stood Still
ST067.FDF Joshua – Conclusion
ST068.FDF Othniel and Ehud
ST069.FDF Deborah & Barak
ST070.FDF Gideon – Jerubbaal
ST071.FDF Abimelech
ST072.FDF Jephthah
ST073.FDF The Birth of Samson
ST074.FDF Samson’s Marriage
ST075.FDF Attempts at Capture
ST076.FDF Samson and Delilah
ST077.FDF Micah
ST078.FDF The Pilegesh
ST079.FDF The Civil War
ST080.FDF Ruth
…..[Samuel (Saul & Early David)]
ST081.FDF The Birth of Samuel
ST082.FDF Eli & His Sons
ST083.FDF The Death of Eli
ST084.FDF Journeys of the Ark
ST085.FDF The Revenge
ST086.FDF A King
ST087.PDF Jabesh Gilead
ST088.PDF The Battle – Saul & Jonathan
ST089.PDF Saul & Amalek
ST090.PDF David: the anointing and the musician
ST091.PDF David & Goliath
ST092.PDF Saul, David & Jonathan-1
ST093.PDF Saul, David & Jonathan-2
ST094.PDF Saul & Nob
ST095.PDF David & Saul in the Cave
ST096.PDF David & Nabal
ST097.PDF Abner Asleep
ST098.PDF David in Gath
ST099.PDF The Witch of En-Dor
ST100.PDF Death of Saul, Amalekite
…..[Samuel, Chronicles (King David)]
ST101.PDF Two new kings
ST102.PDF Murder of Abner and of Ish-Bosheth
ST103.PDF David full king – Jerusalem
ST104.PDF The Ark to Jerusalem
ST105.PDF Ammon
ST106.PDF BathSheba
ST107.PDF Amnon & Tamar
ST108.PDF Absalom’s revolt
ST109.PDF Sheba’s revolt
ST110.PDF The Gibeonites
ST111.PDF The Census
…..[Kings (King David)]
ST112.PDF Adonijah & abdication
…..[Kings, Chronicles (Solomon)]
ST113.PDF Solomon’s vengeance
ST114.PDF Solomon’s skill
ST115.PDF The Temple and the Builder
ST116.PDF The Queen of Sheba
ST117.PDF The Latter Days of Solomon
…..[Kings, Chronicles (Two Kingdoms)]
ST118.PDF Revolt and Split
ST119.PDF Jeroboam
ST120.PDF More on Jeroboam
ST121.PDF Baasha & Asa
ST122.PDF Zimri, Omri & Tibni
ST123.PDF Ahab, the Drought & Elijah
ST124.PDF Mount Carmel
ST125.PDF Elijah at Horeb
ST126.PDF Naboth’s Vineyard
ST127.PDF Jehoshaphat & Ahab
ST128.PDF Ramot-Gilead
ST129.PDF From Elijah to Elisha
ST130.PDF The Shunemite and Her Son
ST131.PDF Naaman
ST132.PDF The Siege of Samaria
ST133.PDF Elisha, Ben Hadad and Hazael
ST134.PDF Jehu’s Rebellion
ST135.PDF Athaliah and Restoring Joash
ST136.PDF Joash and Zechariah
ST137.PDF Uzziah
ST138.PDF Jeroboam II and the End of the North
ST139.PDF Hezekiah and Isaiah
ST140.PDF Manasseh, Josiah
…..[Kings, Chronicles, Jeremiah]
ST141.PDF Jehoiakim, Jeremiah
ST142.PDF Jeremiah, Zedekiah and the Destruction
ST143.PDF Gedaliah
ST144.PDF Daniel and His Friends
ST145.PDF Nebuchadnezzar’s First Dream
ST146.PDF The Fiery Furnace
ST147.PDF The King’s Madness
ST148.PDF Belshazzar’s Feast
ST149.PDF Daniel and the Lions’ Den
…..[Ezra (Zerubbabel etc.)]
ST150.PDF The Return to Zion
ST151.PDF The Temple Rebuilt
ST152.PDF Esther (part 1)
ST153.PDF Esther (part 2)
ST154.PDF Esther (part 3)
ST155.PDF Esther (part 4)
…..[Ezra (Ezra)]
ST156.PDF Ezra
ST157.PDF Nehemiah and the King
ST158.PDF Nehemiah’s Project
ST159.PDF Community Problems
ST160.PDF Completing the Wall
ST161.PDF Repentance
ST162.PDF Dedication of the Wall
ST163.PDF Nehemiah’s Second Visit

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