Ketiv Ukeri —— an analysis

Size: A4, Not recommended for printing, best viewed on screen. BUT there are two pages headed ‘codes’, one each for Hebrew and Aramaic (Daniel etc.), which should be printed out and in front of the reader when looking at the tables.
Pages: 76 (69)
Biblical book— main references: All.
Description: An analysis of every occurrence of ketiv ukeri in the Bible (Breuer’s edition) with probable reasons for each. There is scope for further research in this subject, and a researcher will find here the basic work from which to proceed.
Language: Hebrew or Aramaic as applicable. English introductions and explanations. (A version with Hebrew introductions and explanations instead of English is available from my Hebrew site.)
File name: KK-E.PDF.   Click on it to read the book on screen or to download or print it (free).


Size: A4 (Some pages portrait, others landscape.) Not recommended for printing, best viewed on screen.
Pages: 124 (total, see below).
Biblical book— main references: Pentateuch (Torah)
Description: Explains and indicates various divisions of the Torah, into books, weekly parashot, weekly sidrot, masekhtot (mekhilta), dibburim (sifra) etc. and explains other divisions (paragraphs etc.). In particular there is a full analysis parashah by parashah of different customs of division of the weekly portion into aliyyot. The division generally used, as marked in printed humashim, has been strongly criticised by leading rabbis, and the Vilna Gaon refused to accept it. Rabbinic articles are reproduced in full together with the introductions.
Language: Hebrew throughout, but English translation of the introduction (not the articles) at the end. For the English in the PDF you need to work pages backwards from the end.
File name: ALIYOT.PDF. Click on it to read the book on screen or to download or print it (free).

Indices to the Book of Psalms

Size: A5
Pages: 16 (12)
Biblical book:  Psalms
Description: Contains:
Index of first words of psalm (excluding captions)
Index of captions (alphabetical)
Index of captions by type
Table of comparison of numbers (1-150) in “Arabic” (1,2,3 etc.), Hebrew (א ב ג etc.) and Roman (XLVIII etc.)
Language: Hebrew with English section headings. (Taken from an all-Hebrew original, see Hebrew site.)
File name: PS-IND-E.PDF. Click on it to read the book on screen or to download or print it (free).

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